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For this edition of '10 minutes with...' we caught up with Alexa Freeman, founder of The Fresh Life, a support system designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle.  We chat diet, motivation and the importance of taking time for yourself. 

Q. For those who don't know, what exactly is The Fresh Life?

The Fresh Life supports you through your journey to living a healthier and more mindful lifestyle. We offer, monthly online challenges, email and telephone support and meal plans introducing you to nutrient-dense whole foods to create a healthy body and mind.

Q. Why did you start The Fresh Life and what does it mean to you?

The idea of The Fresh Life actually came to me one day in the shower (one of those rare moments sans children!) I had played with the idea of ‘clean eating’ on and off but found it difficult to stick to and would often have one piece of chocolate, declare that as a fail and that I would start again the next day, the next day would swiftly turn into the following Monday and so on and so forth.

Yet all at the same time, I knew how much better I felt living a healthy, nutrient-dense lifestyle and I had witnessed the weight drop off and my moods stabilise when I omitted sugar from my diet.

I had attended slimming clubs in the past and whilst I know that they work for some, I just couldn’t get my head round it all, I had spent the past year reading how healthy good fats are for you and the effect that sugar has and yet that was going directly against what I was being told.

I was eating meals that were low in calories, taste and nutrition I lost weight but I certainly didn’t feel healthy and lost interest very quickly! What I felt did work however, was the support, the accountability and sharing ideas with others and this is where The Fresh Life came to mind!

Being able to offer others a kick start to their journey to a healthier lifestyle gives me such an incredible buzz as I know how good it feels!

Q. How important is diet for your overall wellbeing?

Whilst I very much take a 360 approach with The Fresh Life and encourage people to look after themselves and their surroundings, I feel that a good healthy diet is your foundation block and the rest supports your journey.

Our monthly challenges create a real sense of community for like-minded people who are trying to achieve a common goal and lifestyle change.

The Fresh Life on Instagram

The Fresh Life on Instagram

The Fresh Life on Instagram

Q. How do you establish this and keep the momentum going?

I have been so incredibly fortunate with the lovely, supportive people that have joined my groups. I often post videos to offer advice and inspiration as well as a new recipe ebook for each individual challenge which have been very popular and they can always tag me in posts or have private conversations with me if they require a little additional support. The group members are also very happy to encourage others which is so lovely to see.

Q. Your concept is maintaining a healthy diet that’s affordable and uncomplicated - if you could offer one tip to Lotus&you readers, what would it be?

Be prepared! Whether that’s batch cooking some quinoa on a Sunday to have a base for your lunches, or soaking some oats in a plant based milk to enjoy throughout the week, try to take some of the thought process out of the equation. Meal planning is also a great way to stay on track AND save money!

Q. You’re a busy mummy with 3 kids, how do you look after your own wellbeing?

First of all, I make sure that myself and my family enjoy a healthy diet and I also make sure that I always make some time for myself.  One of my favourite things to do once the kids have gone to bed is to light a couple of candles in the room and use a couple of gorgeous smelling body products or a nice face mask before getting an early night.  As a mother, it is so important to feel like you are worth that time too!

The Fresh Life
There is still time to join The Healthy Holiday Kick Start which costs just £10 and gives you access to the group, a recipe book full of inspiration as well as constant support.  Message me over at https://www.facebook.com/thefreshlife.co.uk/ for more information.

Huge thank you to Alexa for taking the time to answer our questions. Look out for the next post in the "10 minutes with..." series!



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