Easy ways to incorporate hygge into your life

‘Hygge’, the buzzword for the wellness industry in 2016. Everyone wants to know how to get in on the action.

How to Hygge

During the cold, dark days and nights, now is really the time to be ‘hyggeing’ and making the most of these Wintery months rather than wishing the time away.

Here are our top tips to embrace winter and hygge like a true Dane.

1. Get outside

Yes it’s cold and miserable, but wrap up warm, get outside and clear your head. We spend too long indoors due to the effort involved in getting our boots on. Just 15 minutes of time spent outdoors is good for your health and makes it all the more pleasurable when you come home to a warm house.

2. Put down your phone and be ‘social’ (in the traditional sense!)

Spend quality time with friends and family. As much as you can hygge alone, community and a sense of belonging is also a key aspect of the intimacy, cosiness and pleasure that hygge tries to bring to our lives.

3. Bake

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked goods throughout the home. Take time for the simple pleasure of putting on a cute apron and mixing some flour. It’s always pleasing to enjoy something you’ve baked from scratch and it’s something the whole family can enjoy together.

4. Turn down the lights and light the candles

During the short, dark days of Winter we tend to have the lights on for most of the day in the home and office. But the harsh lighting often makes our eyes tired and our heads ache. More than half of Danes light candles almost every day throughout Autumn and Winter, which brings more calming and natural light into the home - as well as warmth! Switch to candles and dim your lighting to create a hygge feeling in the home.

5. Read a book

Getting lost in a book is a lovely way to spend some MeTime and enjoy the winter season. Get in cosy clothes and in a comfortable chair, grab a comforting hot water bottle, and let your mind wander.

6. Drink a nice warm drink and get into your comfies

It sounds so simple, but relaxing with a hot chocolate or mulled wine and being truly cosy and comfortable is one of the easiest ways to hygge. Our calming tea is a good healthy option. Top that off with comfy lounge wear and that's a winning hygge combination.

7. Spend hours cooking in the kitchen – but keep it simple

The Danes believe in good, simple food. They also don’t have any strict dietary rules, it’s just meant to be comforting and they use food to bring people together. Take time to put together a beautiful meal for your family or friends.


Let us know which ones work best for you and any other ideas you have to becoming a true hygge-er.


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