How to start the day well


How you feel and what you do when you wake up impacts the whole day ahead.

Too often we frantically rush around and, as we leave through the front door to get to work, we wonder where the time has gone and why on earth we didn’t get up sooner!

Being prepared, relaxed and productive in the morning allows us to have the focus and strength to get through the day ahead.

Here are some quick wins to incorporate into your morning routine:

1. You snooze, you lose

We’re all too quick to click the snooze button without a moment’s hesitation, but then when we realise that we’ve spent 30 minutes in and out of sleep we regret not just getting up. Not only does snoozing reduce the amount of time you have to get ready in the morning, but it does not provide you with more sleep and makes you feel even more drowsy.

Make a conscious effort to put your alarm out of arms reach to force you to physically get out of bed to turn it off.

Try the Phillips Wake-Up alarm clock which simulates a sunrise making it easier to wake up. 

Once out of bed, use the Awaken Atmosphere Mist to give your surroundings a burst of refreshing fruity fragrence with the blend of uplifting essential oils to awaken the soul and lift the spirits. 

2. Be mindful

We wake up and immediately start worrying about everything that needs to be done in the day or feel rubbish about spending the day in the office. But these worries and negative thoughts don’t change anything, they only make it worse. So instead, think about what you’re looking forward to about the day. It may be difficult at first but over time you will start to become more grateful for those little moments that brighten your day.

I always do a 15-minute meditation in the morning which sets my mind and body into focus, peacefulness and balance. Try the Calm or Headspace apps which offer quick morning guided meditations.

3. Hydrate

Instead of reaching for coffee as soon as humanly possible, drink a pint of water. This is what your body is really craving. It will also get your metabolism going so you will start burning calories from the moment you get up.

And don’t stop there, keep hydrated throughout the day by drinking at least 2 litres of water. I find it easiest to fill a 2-litre water bottle each morning when I get to my desk to keep track on my intake otherwise I forget.

4. Refuel

So many people forget to have breakfast in the morning or run out of time. Making time for a healthy breakfast gives you brain power, starts your metabolism earlier and provides you with nutrients for an energy fuelled day.

My go to dish is muesli with Alpro, blueberries and seeds.

How do you kick start your morning? Comment below with your ideas!


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