Which room spray Is right for me?

Room sprays are a quick and easy way to bring a moment of bliss to our busy days. As you generously mist throughout the air or onto linens you get to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. 

At Lotus&you we have a lovely selection of restorative and relaxing room sprays from Made By Coopers' to fill your home or office with beautiful, natural fragrances. These atmosphere mists are all made with 100% essential oils and organic ingredients and are cruelty free.

If you’re struggling to decide which one is right for you we’ve picked out the main ingredients and benefits below…

If you need a burst of energy to get you started in the morning or a little pick me up throughout the day, this is the room spray for you. It’s incredibly refreshing and fruity leaving a zesty essence in the air. It has five essential oils and the fruit is masterfully combined with stimulating black pepper and rejuvenating frankincense. Read more.

This room spray is also uplifting and refreshing as it contains lime and clementine, but the basil gives it a peppery undertone and also helps to relieve stress. The lime helps to alleviate anxiety and the clementine is mood boosting. All combined, this delicious spray is perfect for those moments in the day when you need a happiness pick me up.

Restore Atmosphere Mist

I call this atmosphere mist the ‘all rounder’ because it's designed to restore your soul back to its natural state. It is stimulating and refreshing, as well as calming and grounding, which combine for an all-round comforting combination. Cooling eucalyptus has been skillfully blended with cedarwood and coriander, and the black pepper soothes tightened emotions and relieves stress. The ultimate spray to restore peace and balance the emotions. Read more.

This room spray has five organic essential oils designed to relax the mind and body. The luxurious lavender is soothing and is combined with crisp bergamot and ylang ylang, designed specifically to boost your mood and relieve stress. The rosemary and frankincense are powerful scents for meditation and dispelling negativity. So this room spray is perfect for those who need moments of clarity, calm and a meditative environment around them. Read more.

This is a Lotus&you favourite, this pillow spray helps to send you off to a peaceful, relaxing sleep. It’s heavy on the soothing lavender tones, which is ultra-calming and alleviates anxiety, stress and depression. This has been expertly blended with soothing chamomile and frankincense to noticeably de-stress and unwind anxious minds. We know it's even harder to fall asleep when you are away from home, so we sell this spray in a handy travel size, which you could also use as a tester! Read more.

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We hope this guide has helped you find your perfect room spray and that using them throughout the day brings moments of clarity and balance to your life.


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