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In a world of long working hours and 24/7 social media, we rarely get time to ourselves.  So when we do, we need to ensure we make the most of it.  Here’s our guide to an indulgent night in to prepare your mind & body for the best possible night’s sleep.

1. Set the ambience 

Help your mind switch off by limiting distractions. Turn off the TV and put all devices on silent to remove distractions. Put on music instead – something that you find relaxing and that makes you happy and make sure it’s a long playlist that you love so you’re not tempted to reach for your phone to swap the tunes.

This ‘switch-off’ won’t just maximise your evening of relaxation, but it is scientifically proven to give you a better night’s sleep. Sleep expert and naturopathic doctor, James Rouse explains how using your phones at night time “interrupts the rise and flow of melatonin, strains your eyes, and disrupts your circadian cycles, leaving you with an unhealthy night of sleeping.” Remember to set your alarm for the next morning so you have no reason to pick up your phone later on.

2. Run a bath 

Use a relaxation bath oil with your favourite essential oils or bath salts. Use bath salts if you have aching muscles and joints as they contain magnesium and sulphate, minerals essential to the body that aid in recovery. Now it’s time for you to unwind and have a pamper. Make it more luxurious than normal by using a face mask and don’t forget to light a relaxing aromatherapy candle to lower lighting and release those beautiful, calming essential oils.

3. Allow your muscles to relax

Once out of the bath use a relaxation oil and massage it into your skin. Your skin should already feel soft from the bath oils but this keeps the effects going for longer. Take your time, it’s a treat not a chore.

The massage action and the specially selected scents will allow tight muscles to relax, helping to relieve muscle knots and other symptoms of stress.

4. Block out the distractions of the World outside and find time for yourself

Whilst you wait for your oils to soak in, light a relaxation candle or sit in a cosy room with a reed diffuser to fill the room with aromatherapy oils and make yourself a pot of calming tea.

Here’s where you can spend some time to do something you never normally get a chance to do. Grab some blankets and read a book, meditate, reflect using your happiness planner, give yourself a mani/pedi, or simply rest and do nothing and enjoy the benefits of the essential oils. Whatever you choose, remember to minimise external distractions, especially from technology.

5. Breathe deeply to drift off swiftly

Use a pillow spray or pulse point balm, whichever you prefer, and settle into bed.  Breathe deeply; the action is relaxing and will allow you to make the most of the calming scents in our sleep better range. 

Because you’ve spent the last couple of hours relaxing without distractions your mind is already rested and you should feel relaxed and drift off into a heavenly sleep.

    Whilst this is a perfect scenario we know it isn’t possible to do it every night (as much as we wish!) We hope you can apply at least some of these steps into an evening routine or a MeTime treat once in a while. And remember to adjust this guide to do what’s right for you.

    Let us know how you get on in the comments section below!


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    • I wish I could leave my phone alone in the evenings! Going to try the pillow spray though :)


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