Life & Soul Energising Single Wick Candle

Life & Soul Energising Single Wick Candle

Wildheart Organics

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The Life & Soul blend is an energising and awakening blend of ginger lily, cypress and Italian bergamot. The zesty notes are beautifully combined with cedarwood, eucaluptus and clove to provide a clarifing base notes.

This blend is perfect for home offices, burning in your kitchen or main living space, perfect for anytime when a boost of energy or clarity is required.

  • The spa single one wick therapy candle is 160 grams, provides around 30 hours of pure aromatherapy benefits.
  • This size incorporates 15 grams of essential oils, the equivalent of 1.5 standard aromatherapy bottles, thus bringing you all the therapeutic benefits.
  • All candles are made with sustainable clean soy and vegetable waxes.
  • 100% natural, non toxic with essential oils and certified naturals.